Sunday, March 2, 2014

On the DL

Last week, the 20th of February...  a day I will regret for a long, long, long time.  I had an appointment that I was looking forward to keeping, that Thursday morning.  The weather, here in the NY metro area, has been riddled with deep snowfall, mixed precipitation, some rain, re-freezes etc.  I was being attentive to the icy coating on the sidewalk in front of our apartment building, so I walked in the driveway, which looked pristine.   Boy, was I wrong.   I slipped, fell and broke my LEFT WRIST in 3 places.   Of course I didn't know that, at the time.  All I knew was that it was deformed and my hand was in the shape of a weird claw that I couldn't open. The first thing I did was to pull my wedding ring off, because I've seen too many TV scenes in which the rings on swelling fingers have to be cut off and seriously endanger the health of the finger in question.  Ugh.

I wasn't the only one who fell that day.   The ER waiting room held no less than 25, but probably more than 30 people waiting to be seen. One did not have an obvious injury from falling on ice that morning but the rest were cradling arms, wrists, shoulder, had extended leg or head injuries.  

The ER glut resulted in a 4/4.5 hour visit.  When I left it, my wrist had been X-rayed, diagnosed as being triple fractured, numbed, reset, splint casted extremely tightly and  X-rayed  again after the resetting and  splint casting.  I was sent home with a sling, a prescription for a narcotic pain reliever and was told that if the bones shift, I will need surgery and if they remain aligned as they were in the post-compression X-ray, I would not need surgery.

This past Tuesday, I had a series of follow up X-rays and saw the orthopedic hand/wrist specialist on Wednesday.  So far, so good.  The bones are still aligned.  More X-rays will be taken Wednesday and I will see the orthopedist on  Friday. The big effort, now, is to get the fingers moving and reduce the swelling.

My left arm is at a 45ยบ angle because the splint cast goes over and around my elbow and covers everything to just short of where my fingers begin.  As uncomfortable as I am, I will gladly trade all this misery for the full use of my wrist and hand when this is all over.  That, remains to be seen.  Of late, I have taken to "fingering" scales in the air, just to keep my fingers moving (such as they can move) and "sight reading" fingering and playing by ear in my mind. (I'm a guitarist - or, at least, I was one)  I don't know how far into occupational therapy, I will be able to tax the wrist to the extent that playing requires - or if I ever will.  

I have been trying to grasp yarn and a large crochet motif with my swollen, restricted fingers, in hopes that I can make something soon.  To date, I have been unsuccessful. My yarn crafting doesn't require the same kind of extreme torque and force in the wrist, as playing guitar, so I expect to fully regain my  knitting and crochet chops.  It's frustrating to be so uncomfortable and limited.  

Tomorrow is a No Drama Crafters evening at Panera. I will go to commiserate with my friends, whether I can wield a crochet hook/knitting needle or not.

Thursday, February 13, 2014


I was so impressed with Toby Roxane Designs when I first came across them at a small, local Fiber Festival, last year.  I purchased 2 of her patterns and I have completed the first.   

The X-Mitts pattern was well written. Although I'm an in the round knitter whenever possible, she offered instructions for both flat and in the round knitting.  She also offered the stitch counts and charts for both fingering and worsted weight yarn.   

I  wear a lot of red and blue, and jeans are practically my uniform.  I decided to use stashed Knit Picks  yarn for these mitts.  The Dockside colorway of Felici Sport would work with a lot of my wardrobe. I purchased this yarn when it was a clearance color and weight, but I'll link here, to Felici Sock, which is the same yarn, just a lighter weight.   

I love the yarn. I made my Hedgerow Mitts from this same yarn in the colorway Riverbed. It's extremely soft and reasonably priced for a 75% superwash merino 25% nylon blend.

The X-Mitts knitted up easily, even with me knitting them 2 at a time.  The pattern does require a right and left mitt, so I reversed the right mitt instructions for the left mitt, rather than reading the pattern for the left.   There will be a little more detail about the mechanics of knitting these mitts on my Ravelry project page, to which I hope to post tonight, or at latest, sometime during this weekend.

I enjoyed everything about this project and I will probably make some more X-Mitts. I knitted a long forearm rather than knitting the cuff wrist length as in the pattern because in spring and fall I wear a lot of capes and like to have my arms covered. I also think they look good that length.  

I Love Love Love Love You

Because my seal collection is fairly expansive, I don't often come across a wax seal that I like/want/will use, that I don't already have. (I'm not a collector for the collection's sake. I only purchase/acquire seals I will actually use, with the one exception of if I purchase a small lot that may contain a seal I won't use or don't like. In that case, I sell it.)  I don't recall what I was looking for on Ebay, but while there, a week or so ago, I found a cute seal at a clearance price. How could I resist?  I'm a heart girl.   I used the new one on Valentine's Day cards this year.  

Snowflake Garland

I finally finished the Snowflake Garland by Red Heart, I mentioned in  a late December post. I completed it a while ago, but as usual, there are a lot of things that get in the way of blogging. 

My teeny apartment size artificial (gasp! what a nasty word) Christmas tree was already stripped, when I realized I hadn't taken any pictures of the garland.  The one I used in the previous post was the stock photo from the Red Heart pattern page.

Here's my Christmas tree, sans garland, but dressed:

And here it is naked, but for a Snowflake Garland:

(Seely is so nosey!)

I like this garland because it's a JAYGO project.  I will probably make another to adorn a wall unit.  I have some left over  Bernat Handicrafter cotton yarn with silver metallic filament. Before the garland goes on the tree for Christmas 2014, I will steam block it and perhaps starch it so it will hold a bit crisper shape.

The motif was easy. 

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